Unforgettable Brand Impression on the First Day

What do new hires look for? A guiding light on the day of joining. Especially when they are fresh graduates. Remove the initial hiccups of a new job with Xceed’s XcelHR Onboarding module. Hold fresh recruits’ hands and offer a smooth transition.

And score better retention with a friendly onboarding. A stepping stone to increase your ROI.

With Xceed’s XcelHR Onboarding, you ensure

text pending Give your HR and internal operations a boost with a holistic HR solution

Swift Joining

Help new hires to onboard through simple UI. Mobile app to speed up the process. Digitized documents for faster formalities.
Give them a warm welcome.

Better Retention

Create a feel-good factor among the newcomers with great onboarding. Retain them for long stints and cut the turnover.
Slack your budget.

Engaged Employees

Share your brand vision and story. Introduce new hires in apt communities. Engage them in your social media space.
Make them feel home.


  • Make new hires comfortable right after signing the offer and create a rapport.
  • Cut the lengthy documentation and convert into electronic format.
  • Easily accessible through mobile even before joining.
  • Help new joiners arrange for the missing mandatory information beforehand.
  • Make them feel included in the organization before generating an ID


  • Major documentation finishes in preboarding. So, the joining day is less tiring.
  • All paper works are digitized and remain in the cloud throughout employment.
  • Print, scan, and upload papers through the mobile app or web version.
  • Alerts for the missing certificates and incomplete form, and necessary approvals.

Access Provisioning

  • Fast onboarding expedites ID creation and access processes.
  • No delays in new recruits’ project and premise access.
  • System approvals are automatic, making the process fast.
  • ID gets reflected in all modules like payroll and leave management.
  • Single account for all sorts of access..

User-friendly UI

  • Simple and intuitive user-friendly interface.
  • Employees can update the details anytime, anywhere.
  • Organization branding on all the screens with fonts, color scheme, and logo.
  • Employee’s data flow flawlessly into other organizational modules—whether a third party or Xceed’s.

Employee Engagement

  • Introduce new hires to their team, HRs, and supervisor.
  • New employees quickly get familiarized with the policies, visions, and culture of the company.
  • Engage with them for the long haul through social media pages.
  • Plan their learning track and performance criteria.

Verification and Compliance

  • Make employees aware of company policies and union laws
  • Comply with the regional, government, and national regulations in hiring.
  • Perform a quick background check with digital data.
  • Highlight anomalies in the compliance records.

Onboarding Reporting

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