Is your workforce facing hurdles in its daily HR activities? Bet you don’t want them to stumble this way. Xceed’s XcelHR employee self-service is at your rescue. The ESS module allows them to self-service their crucial tasks.

With Xceed’s XcelHR ESS, your employees gain

Fast Approvals

Employees raise leaves and training requirements. And get quick approvals. Initiating travel itinerary or proposing a role change is just a few clicks away.
Self-manage tasks and expedite approvals.


Employees manage minor tasks. Dependency on HRs and managers reduces. Thus, they save time and focus on productivity.
Now HRs can focus on people’s development

Data Integrity

Employees track, manage, update, and verify their records as needed. Thus, the data integrity sets in the HRIS.
No more back and forth manual changes or verification.

Self-Service Tasks

  • Check leaves quota, apply for leaves, and seek privileges like maternity and paternity leaves.
  • Apply for training and create a learning and development plan.
  • Raise requests related to travel, transfer, record change, and assets.
  • Track check-in and check-out times and submit timesheets.
  •  Update dependent information and apply for insurance.

Process Automation

  • Employees at all levels can access ESS anytime, anywhere.
  • Approvals flow to the designated authority directly.
  • Automated alerts upon actioned approval.
  • Upload and update educational and employment certificates.
  • E-sign all your digital artifacts and use them as needed.

Engage Employees

  • Like-minded employees can create communities and discuss their skills and learnings.
  • Search the knowledge repositories for skill enhancements.
  • Search and learn about corporate policies and act accordingly.


  • Raise HR, assets, and other issues in a few clicks.
  • Talk to a chat support agent for raised issues
  • Chatbot support is always on to resolve the queries.
  • Acquaint yourself with the policies and procedures.
  • Mobile access for quick updates.

ESS Reporting

Are you still gambling away your time and human assets in the old systems?
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