Human Capital Management. Now Smarter, Better, and Unified.

Are you forever worried about the discrepancy seeping into your Human Resource Management System? And the reconciliation sucks the productivity of the HR professionals. Then IT teams invest extra time in addressing the employees’ queries.

If your company is facing similar HR-related issues, XcelHR is the right solution for you. A holistic HR-based software

You improve your HR processes from hire to retire because XcelHR is intuitive and simplifies self-service for employees and HRs. With easy-to-use web interface and synchronized data throughout, your global workforce can efficiently operate HR functions. And makes room for better collaboration and improves its productivity.

Manual Tasks

Legacy methods of handling company level HR processes rely on physical systems and papers. Spreadsheets play a central role in handling data. These leave your HR teams with incorrect data, cumbersome paperwork, and painful days.

  • You can now allow your teams with the benefits of e-documentation.
  • Fast and accurate data flow saves their time.

Compliance Breach

You have to abide by global policies to manage the workforce. Local regulations are also complex to deal with. The government’s guidelines on labor laws change every year. These strict norms leave you at a lurch.

  • You can now relax and enjoy an end-to-end solution that follows all the compliance rules.
  • The primary labor management norms are imbibed in the code.
  • No more headaches of answering compliance-related problems.

Security Concerns

Growing data hacking and malicious attacks keep you at the edge. Your management system defining the org level processes are loosely coupled. And one of them might any time collapse or malfunction.

  • You can now enjoy the robust security of the cloud.
  • The painless secured system that fail-proof sensitive employee data.

Scattered HR Processes

What if the HRMS processes are not synchronized? Do your departments handle their people-operations differently? And leave mangled data in the system. More frightening if the records are

  • You get unified data from all the previous disjoint apps.
  • Start with one HR module and build your system gradually.
  • Each module works individually and merges with others seamlessly.

Frustrated Employees

HRs lose focus due to complicated and time-consuming processes. And approvals keep Employees waiting endlessly. Your support teams handle recurring issues.

  • Everything digital reduces the time slump exponentially.
  • Streamline recurring issues management. Saves energy and time.
  • Keep your human resources managers, and employees focused and happy.

Xceed offers following HRMS module

Powerful SaaS and AI Technology backed by industry-tested processes.

How Does XcelHR Work?

XcelHR, being cloud-based and mobile-friendly, decreases the turnaround time for HRs and employees. Its AI-based functionalities make it fast. Thus, increases productivity. Get, Set, and Fly with XcelHR in 3 easy steps.

Install and Configure

Install and Configure With no technical expertise, install the solution across your organization with our assistance. Configure the functioning in a few clicks

Synchronize the Data

Migrate the existing data of employees, clients, and partners without fuss. Whether you used multiple platforms for different HR modules, Xceed’s cloud HR software unifies them into one. No data loss, no duplicate records.

Perform HR tasks

Start your journey towards an agile organization’s growth in record time. Empower your employees with the key to sail smoothly through works. Enable your HRs to unlock productivity and sharpen the focus.

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