Parking Spaces

We all need our space, don’t we? Be it in life or for our cars, finding THE SPACE has become a pertinent and all the more a global issue today. Being victims as founders ourselves, finding a place to park our cars has always been a tedious task irrespective. With time, parking spaces have been getting harder to find and smaller to fit. And to fill this gap and serve a silent yet frustrated community of hustlers takes birth the idea of CAR PARK. A mobile app and a buddy that helps find space for our cars while we are busy hustling through life. Here to help bid goodbye to our parking woes, help aid traffic management and restore ease in everyday travel.

Software as a Service

  • In today’s gig economic scenarios, there are over 10 billion car parks and more that are created everyday. With the growing population and commercial business hubs across the world, parking in high street locations has become a menace undeniably. A menace that is leading to not only frustration in people but also unproductivity and other related organizational and personal issues.
  • The PARKING SPACES app has a very robust architecture allowing us to break up the individual modules as independent modules for the SAAS market. This was our PARKING SPACES maintenance module is well suited for USA market and this is going to be major B2B revenue churner for us along with the B2C model.
  • The maintenance module is a simple module that helps the public car park maintenance owners to help maintain their car parks and bill their customers and monitor the car park usage as per their guidelines.

How It Work

  • The solution we came up with simply handshakes the car park owner with the car park seeker by virtue of a mobile app that takes care of commercially listing these car parks with the permission of the owners and also helps in monetizing the same. Customers are willing to pay a price for a space to park their cars irrespective of the time period they need it for, the only variable here being comfort of parking both via usability and speed.

Ease of Use

  • A savior indeed in the guise of a mobile application displaying to users all the available parking spots in and around their location.
  • PARKINGSPACES is easy to use, very affordable and unbelievably accessible to all.

Parking Spaces Services

  • With two different modules for the seeker and the giver this app is fairly simple to use both for both. The giver can list for short term and long term also enabling multiple use cases of customers to be able to use this service.
  • The architecture enables the app to not only be fast but also scalable. “With a zero dollar or 1 dollar maintenance estimates, this app is quite ready to take care of not only volumes but also scalability without changes or jerks in systems,” says the Architect behind this solution.
  • While we are operating primarily via an app right now, our architecture provides for seamlessly using desktop and mobile browsers. For further information of the product click here.
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