Payroll Solution

Because Payroll Processes Can’t Bargain for Accuracy and Promptness

The last thing you want your employees to raise is payroll discrepancies and delays. Xceed’s payroll management solution ensures accurate and on-time payment processing. The solution’s scalability is seamless alongside your organization’s growth. Your employees can now access their pay slips via mobile. The solution secures the privacy of data and complies to all the policies.

With Xceed’s XcelHR, you can ensure

Give your HR and internal operations a boost with a holistic HR solution

Satisfied Stakeholders

Digitized documentations. Quick approvals. Minimal follow-ups. Correct and timely payments.


Crisp and methodical processes. Detailed calculations. Clear breakups and deductions

Save Time

Automatic processes. Mobile-based access. Triggers and Reminders. Powered by AI.

Payroll Processing

  • Process the payroll of your employees right on time.
  • Send the payments of vendors smoothly.
  • Adjust your payroll cycle according to your company policies.
  • Generate payslips and remit directly into the accounts.
  • Takes leave without pay in account.
  • Alerts and notifications to all the stakeholders

Benefits and Expense Settlement

  • Assign automatic bonus allotment out of cycle.
  • Allow employees to set their benefits according to the needs and plan flexible pay options.
  • Automatic assignments of company benefit like car, mobile, data package, based on employee’s role.
  • Reimburse travel, training, and other expenses.
  • Channelize the approvals to the stakeholders and credit the expenses on time.
  • Calculate and apply special benefits of maternity and paternity pay.

Employee Records

  • No need to reconcile data from various departments.
  • Automated flow of changes in employee records from other modules, like promotions and transfers.
  • New hires and exit employees are updated smoothly and in bulk.
  • Hike is reflected in the package.
  • Module can easily adapt to special requirements like loan approvals through company based on policy.

Data Confidentiality and Compliance

  • Payroll confidentiality is maintained to best levels.
  • Digital salary slips, expense reports, and reimbursements avoid data leaks.
  • Robust to protect malicious attacks and internet threats.
  • Follows all the global standard data protection policies.
  • Accommodate the solution with your local policies for data confidentiality.


  • Canned reports to observe the finances
  • Customizable reports and dashboards based on location, levels, dates, and other parameters.
  • Bird’s eye view of expenses and bonuses for individuals and group of employees.
  • Performance hike reports to the executives.
  • Special reports for the finance teams.
  • Scheduling and sharing of reports

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