Perfomance Management

Yearly or biannual performance reviews are outdated. Set up an assessment schedule as employees deem fit. Or you want. Engage your employees with their managers and HRs to achieve goals. Bring transparency in the performance review processes. And assess progress on a larger scale.

With Xceed’s XcelHR performance
management system, you ensure

Goal Alignment

Goal setting for every job role. Goals for the next position. Align your employees’ goals with the department. And even the organization’s targets. Scale your aspirations.

Timely Growth

Regularly track the progress of employees. Defy unproductive cycles. Choose your review intervals. Course correct the deviations.
Monitor closely, gauge right.


Employees, Managers, and HRs work together. Self-assessments for employees. Option to question HR and manager’s feedback.
Provide equal opportunities.

Goals Management

  • Set goals for every employee’s desired career track.
  • Plan the goals with the HR team and manager.
  • Set long- and short-term plans.
  • Align goals along with the org level targets.
  • Change goals out of the cycle as needed.

Automated Evaluation

  • Enable employees to send achievements to the supervisor anytime.
  • Set the desired evaluation cycle for a particular goal—weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.
  • Send reviews and alert the employees via emails or app notification.
  • Move the progress along the hierarchy for discussion and approval.

Ease of Use

  • Work on performance-related tasks anytime, anywhere.
  • Accessible through mobile app and web-based tool.
  • Access with your company’s ID; no separate credentials required.
  • Comprehensive documentation for help.

360° Communication

  • Employees, HRs, and managers can leave messages on the tool.
  • Self-assessments and reviews on the tool create a holistic communication.
  • All the stakeholders can discuss the goals, achievements, ratings, and performance within the tool.
  • Trigger-based emails alert for updates.
  • Option to counter the feedback and rating.

Awards and Appreciations

  • Awards, kudos, and bonus options for employees.
  • Hike and promotion data flow into the payroll immediately.
  • Motivate by highlighting employee of the year, quarter, and month.
  • Nominate team members and managers for appreciation.

Performance Reporting

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